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  • Working with a community whose stories you want to capture?
  • Planning an exciting project that you’d love to document?
  • Got a great story to tell about your work and the people involved?

We’re here to help! Our mission is to tell your story by capturing the voices and insights of the people who matter most. See below for examples of our work. You’ll find more on the blog.

From the beautiful evocation of a fisherman’s life on the water to the fascinating insights into LUSH’s work reducing packaging waste, the podcasts were a pleasure to listen to.
— Andrew Paine, podcast commissioner for LUSH cosmetics

I loved working with Rosie. Full of ideas of how best to use the audio and the sessions were relaxed and fun; she’s a natural interviewer. I think having audio on a website is key to making it feel alive.
— Sophie Barnard, owner of Longstaff Longstaff fashion brand

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Podcast series for Tate


We were commissioned by Tate to produce this 6-part mini series to complement the Women In Revolt! exhibition on between November 2023 and August 2025 at Tate Britain, National Galleries of Scotland (Modern) and the Whitworth. The podcast tells the story of art, activism and the women’s movement in the UK in the 1970s and 80s, based on interviews we conducted and recorded with 21 of the artists and activists featured in the show. It was shortlisted for a prestigious International Women’s Podcast Award 2024.

Podcast about lewisham's lost gay pubs

This 2-part podcast tells the story of Lewisham’s lost gay pubs in the 1980s and 90s. It’s a story about finding community; supporting each other through tough times; pubs as safe spaces away from prejudice and hate; and what we lost when those – and so many other – pubs closed. It was commissioned by Bijou Stories and made as part of In Living Memory: A People’s History of Post-War Lewisham.

Podcast about Rebel Dykes film and exhibition

This podcast tells the remarkable story of groups of outsider lesbians living in London in the 80s; of the project to present their history to the world in an award-winning unfunded feature documentary and groundbreaking art and archive show; and why this matters to much. It was commissioned by Bijou Stories and Rebel Dykes.
It was a wonderful project to produce. Find out more on our blog.

Story about a telephone operator

I produced this 4 minute piece a couple of weeks into lockdown, when we were all picking up our phones to communicate with each other. It’s based on a recorded landline conversation with one of my favourite raconteurs, remembering calls through a telephone operator in the Midlands in the 1950s.

Musical credits: My Lady of the Telephone by Sam Ash and Mixed Quintette (1915); Gossip by Devil Music (2017).

Image c1955, from Nick Dewolf Photo archive.

Podcasts for LUSH cosmetics

Here are three podcasts from the Meet the Maker series of mini-documentaries that we produced for LUSH cosmetics, in collaboration with Cathy Haynes. Each one is an audio portrait of a person or team going about their specialist process, giving us a sensory-rich insight into what they’re thinking, doing and sensing as they work.

In Meet the forager, we went out in a boat across Poole harbour with Peter Miles, to forage for the seaweed that LUSH use in their  facemasks.

In Meet the innovators we visited the Green Hub at the LUSH factory in Poole to find out how their black pots get recycled. We followed the pots down the production line with machine operators Marc Jordan and Scott Riggs. And we talked to engineer Giles Verdon (pictured), the driving force behind Lush’s recycling vision, to discover why LUSH processes plastic waste differently from other companies.

In Meet the paper maker we visited Gary Fuller, master paper-maker at Frogmore Mill in Apsley, to see him create the first reel of banana fibre gift-packaging paper.

Podcast about a newly commissioned Children's Opera

We made a series of ten mini-podcasts documenting the production of Paws & Padlocks, a newly commissioned children’s opera by composer Kate Whitley and writer Sabrina Mahfouz. The series follows the process from writing and fundraising through to rehearsals and the final performance.

Paws & Padlocks was commissioned by Blackheath Halls with support from the Arts Council England and a number of other charitable trusts. It premiered at the Blackheath Halls in April 2017. You’ll find more information on the Blackheath Halls website.

'About Me' audio pieces

Tickertape ‘About Me’ audio features are a fresh and authentic way of introducing clients and followers to you and your business. Find out more about what we can offer you, here.

For example, we produced a series of four short (1-2 minute) audio pieces introducing listeners to textile designer and founder of Longstaff Longstaff Sophie Barnard. We made them for Sophie to post on Instagram and embed on her website (you’ll find them here). They are based on an interview that we recorded online. 

We also produced this extended ‘audio slideshow’ about Sophie, her design process and influences. It pairs material from our online interview with stills and video footage she shared with us.