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From the beautiful evocation of a fisherman’s life on the water to the fascinating insights into LUSH’s work reducing packaging waste, the podcasts were a pleasure to listen to.

— Andrew Paine, podcast commissioner for LUSH cosmetics, October 2018

Podcasts for LUSH cosmetics

This is the first in a series of ‘Meet the Maker’ podcasts that we are producing for LUSH cosmetics, in collaboration with Cathy Haynes. It is available to listen to on the LUSH player.

The aim of the series is to give a sensory rich insight into the craft of making. Here, we follow Master Paper Maker Gary Fuller at Frogmore Mill as he produces a new kind of packaging paper using banana fibre. 

Here’s what Andrew Paine, LUSH’s podcast commissioner had to say about it:

It sounds fantastic. I love how you’ve both managed to bring the paper-making process to life and add interest, through the script and field recordings. I could literally see the space you were describing through expertly told storytelling. The audio is crisp and clear, the editing tight and I love the space you’ve managed to create in what must have been quite a noisy environment.

Podcasts about a newly commissioned Children's Opera

We produced a series of ten podcasts about a newly commissioned children’s opera by composer Kate Whitley and writer Sabrina Mahfouz. The podcasts follow the production of the opera Paws & Padlocks, from writing and fundraising through to rehearsals and the final performance. You can listen to all ten podcasts in the series on Soundcloud

Paws & Padlocks was commissioned by Blackheath Halls with support from the Arts Council England and a number of other charitable trusts. It premiered at the Blackheath Halls in April 2017. You’ll find more information on the Blackheath Halls website