'About Me' Audio Features

  • Do you have a great story to tell about what you do?
  • Do you struggle to put pen to paper when it comes to writing about yourself?
  • Are you keen to put more of ‘you’ on your website and social media, but daunted at the thought of facing a video camera?

Tickertape ‘About Me’ audio features are a fresh and authentic way of introducing clients and followers to you and your business. You can add them to your website and post them on social media.

What’s involved?

To produce a Tickertape ‘About Me’ feature we interview you online. Our expert producer Rosie will discuss in advance the kinds of things to cover. The interview is very informal and Rosie will guide the conversation so as to bring out your story. We then cherry pick the best recorded material for a tightly edited audio feature or series of short pieces. We meticulously cut out the interviewer’s voice and all the hesitations, ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ to produce something that flows naturally and holds the listener’s attention. We share it with you for feedback before mastering and providing it for you to post online.

Where can I listen to examples?

Here’s a series of short 1-2 minute audio features we produced for fashion brand Longstaff Longstaff about textile designer Sophie Barnard. Sophie put them on her website here.

Here’s a 6.5 minute audio feature about business improvement consultant and mentor Michelle Dove. Note that this feature was based on a face-to-face interview. Michelle embedded it on her website here.

I loved working with Rosie. Full of ideas of how best to use the audio and the sessions were relaxed and fun; she’s a natural interviewer. I think having audio on a website is key to making it feel alive.
— Sophie Barnard, owner of Longstaff Longstaff fashion brand

Interested? Let's arrange a free call to talk things through.

Can you add images?

If you have lots of great photos that relate to your story we can add them to create an ‘audio slideshow‘. It’s a kind of video made from still images that accompany the spoken audio. Here’s one we made for textile designer Sophie Barnard using photos and video footage that she shared with us online.

What's the cost?

Basic package: £275

For this, you receive an audio features or a series of features of up to 7 minutes combined edited length. We provide them in two formats: (a) uploaded on Soundcloud for you to embed on your website; and (b) as a digital mp3 file. We also provide one audiogram of up to one minute for you to post on social media (for more on audiograms, see below).

Optional extras

Audiograms to post on social media: £25 per audiogram (note that the basic package includes one free audiogram)

Audiogram Still images

Audiograms are an engaging way of posting audio features on social media. They pair an image/text with a sound wave that moves in synch with the audio. Click here for an example of one we made for Instagram. We design them to really stand out graphically (see still images above). We provide them in two formats: (a) as a square for you to post on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn; and (b) in portrait format (9:16) for your IGTV channel.

Adding images to the audio to create an ‘audio slideshow’: guide price for a feature of up to 4 minutes is £275

We can provide a bespoke quote once we’ve talked through your ideas for the project. The cost is additional to the cost of producing the audio features. It reflects the extra work involved identifying good pictures to use, and creating a sequence that tells a great visual story to complement the spoken words.

Transcript of the full interview: £45

It’s likely that in the course of the interview we’ll touch on some great material that doesn’t make its way into the final audio cut. Perhaps we veer slightly off topic, or get drawn into the detail of something. Having a transcript of the whole conversation can be a really helpful resource for blogs, social media posts or copy elsewhere on your website.