• Suedette-lined interior of a Spoken Portrait presentation box: audio CD, USB stick and paper insert with a summary of contents
  • Some of the cover designs for Spoken Portrait paper inserts and folders
  • Removable CD tray inside the presentation boxes for double/triple CD Spoken Portraits
  • Close-up of the interior of our hand-bound presentation boxes
  • Boxed Spoken Portrait in a book stack
  • Boxed Spoken Portrait on a bookshelf
  • Presentation for copies of Spoken Portraits: paper folder and CD insert

A Spoken Portrait comes as an audio CD in a beautiful presentation box, hand-bound in book cloth and lined with faux suede. We also provide the digital MP3 file on a USB stick. You can find out more about the boxes on our blog.

The box includes a paper insert with a summary of key events and contributors. We draft the text for this, in collaboration with you. 

We can supply copies of Spoken Portraits in specially designed paper presentation folders (final image). Copies of Spoken Portraits that last over an hour would come in clear plastic double/triple CD boxes.