Classrooms for a London primary school (video)

This video tells the story of the classrooms built by Danzer – a modular construction company – for Charles Dickens primary school in London. It features head teacher Cassie Smith, LB Southwark architect Jeremy Peakin, and Dan Holloway of Danzer group. They talk about the background to the build, why LB Southwark chose Danzer to deliver it, the design, manufacture and installation process, and how the classrooms are working in practice.

We were commissioned to produce this video by Danzer for their website. Our aim was to introduce potential clients to Danzer and showcase Danzer’s work in an engaging way. We proposed unscripted interviews with clients and Danzer personnel, so as to give a natural and authentic account of the build from the different perspectives of those involved. We interviewed Dan Holloway (Danzer) at his home in Blackheath, and visited the school to shoot footage of the classrooms and talk to the head teacher and architect. Their interviews serve as powerful testimonials.

We provided the edited video to Danzer for their digital marketing providers Imoso to add the titles and wrapper, so as to ensure brand continuity.