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Talking heads videos for a property developer

This is one of a series of ten talking heads videos that we filmed for a residential property developer in the north west. They wanted videos for their website that would introduce potential buyers to the local area and its traders. We interviewed people from key local businesses and schools at their place of work.  We also interviewed the architect and landscape architect about the housing design. The final edit and graphics were added by the developer’s web designer, IMOSO

You’ll find the full suite of interviews with traders here, and with designers here.

Spoken portrait: a life in fashion and food

These clips are taken from a 40 minute piece in which the subject recalls her childhood growing up during the war, her time studying fashion and working as a professional dress designer, and her early married life. We were commissioned to produce the portrait by her daughter, who thought it would be a lovely project for her mother to work on. Rather than attempt to cover all aspects of her mother’s life during those years, we decided to focus on two of her great passions and joys: food and fashion. She embraced the themes, and the whole family loved listening to the finished portrait.

Podcast about the New Cross & Deptford Free Film Festival 2015

We produced this podcast to document the fourth New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival. The volunteer-run festival featured 52 films shown at 18 venues over ten days from 24 April to 3 May.

For more about the festival visit For more about Free Film Festivals – the community group that promotes free film screenings in community venues – visit




New Cross & Deptford Free Film Festival 2015 by Tickertape Productions on Mixcloud

Installing a green roof (video)

This short video shows how to install a DIY kit green roof on a domestic structure. We produced it for a startup, Verdico who are launching a new product, the VerdiRoof in a box. They wanted something that they could show to their new sales team to help explain how the kit works and how easy the roofs are to install.

The video features a spoken commentary on how the process works by Nigel Wraxall, one of the Directors. This is paired with images of the VerdiRoof kit and speeded up footage of three of the Directors installing a green roof for a client.

Film festival promo (audio slideshow)

This short promo pairs photos taken by volunteers from the festival in previous years with music by These Ghosts.

In order to make the promo, we collected as many images as we could and selected those that best represented the range of unusual film screening venues, and that captured the atmosphere at events. We were keen to feature music by a band with a local connection. We chose the repeated chorus from The Great Unknown by These Ghosts because of its filmic energy and intensity.

For more information about New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival visit For more information about the brilliant These Ghosts visit

Classrooms for a London primary school (video)

This video tells the story of the classrooms built by Danzer – a modular construction company – for Charles Dickens primary school in London. It features head teacher Cassie Smith, LB Southwark architect Jeremy Peakin, and Dan Holloway of Danzer group. They talk about the background to the build, why LB Southwark chose Danzer to deliver it, the design, manufacture and installation process, and how the classrooms are working in practice.

We were commissioned to produce this video by Danzer for their website. Our aim was to introduce potential clients to Danzer and showcase Danzer’s work in an engaging way. We proposed unscripted interviews with clients and Danzer personnel, so as to give a natural and authentic account of the build from the different perspectives of those involved. We interviewed Dan Holloway (Danzer) at his home in Blackheath, and visited the school to shoot footage of the classrooms and talk to the head teacher and architect. Their interviews serve as powerful testimonials.

We provided the edited video to Danzer for their digital marketing providers Imoso to add the titles and wrapper, so as to ensure brand continuity.

Podcast introducing A Genius Tour

This short podcast for Dotmaker Tours features artist and curator Cathy Haynes introducing the new guided walk that she will be leading in 2015: A Genius Tour. We produced the podcast as a news piece for Dotmaker Tours to post on their website, announce in their newsletter, and publicise by social media.

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